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Individual Peach Cobblers

Ok, let's face it... little things are cute.  And the way I see it, we all feel a tad less guilty when eating mini things.  Last week, two friends with no connection to each other mentioned that they were having peach cobbler.  Peer pressure set in, and although peaches are typically a summer fruit, I was determined to find some fresh peaches and make some peach cobbler myself. A few hours later, home from my local Trader Joes - I was ready to bake.

After devouring her personal sized treat, my biggest little critic had just one thing to say, "Delicio"- When I asked what that meant, she looked at me out the corner of her eye, face contorted in her favorite "Mom, don't be foolish" expression and said, "Delicious - of course."  I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Here's my recipe:
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