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Caramel Pretzels

One of my favorite sweet and salty combinations is pretzels and caramel.  Don't faint, but I am not big on chocolate... So, what you see below is not covered in chocolate.  But you know what I say about creativity.  You can start with this easy recipe then take it to another level to create your own candy bars.

Classic Banana Bread

As a child my mother had a cutting board in our kitchen that had printed on the front, a recipe for Bermuda Banana Bread. A trinket I am sure she picked up to remember a vacation she took and good times she had. We grew up on that banana bread. Now, still one of my favorite treats,  I make banana bread with my own daughter.  I have come across a lot of recipes over the years, but my favorite is still the straight forward, no hiding the banana flavor with a million ingredients Classic Banana Bread.

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