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Carnival Party Sneak Peek #1

I am in party planning mode.

Like a magnet, I'm drawn to all things red and white striped right now.  I am currently in the process of planning my daughter's 9th birthday party.  Her birthday is 12/12, so this year, with it falling on 12/12/12 - I figured we'd do it up big. CARNIVAL STYLE... Here is a sneak peek of just some of the things I am working on.  Just wait till it all comes together. 

Centerpieces for the tables 
*I am thinking about adding a pair of big colorful lollipops to this display.

Labels for just some of the items on the Sweets & Treats Table

Caramel Popcorn Cones

More items for the Sweets & Treats Table

Signage for the Prize bins

Come back tomorrow when I will run down some of the details of the party - color scheme, location, games, activities, etc.

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